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Thread: Bricked wii by installing IOS60patched.wad

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    Bricked wii by installing IOS60patched.wad


    It seems that I managed to brick my wii yesterday. It happened when I tried to install the Donkey Kong Country games on my wii using some old Wad Installer channel. What I didnt notice was that the IOS60patched.wad was still on there, so it installed that one a 2nd time. Now when I boot up my wii, and click on Systemenu on the usual Preloader screen, I get the message "system files are corrupted".

    Im not sure what kind of information you need from me so what I can say from the top of my head is Im running on 4.1 pal with preloader 0.29 installed on the wii and some version of bootmii running from the SD card.

    Oh ya and I did try to find a solution on this board by searching, Im sure its there already, but theres just so much information and I really want to avoid doing something wrong this time. If someone could guide me trough this problem, Id really appreciate it.


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    Seeing as you just installed IOS60patched then installing System Menu 4.1E 4.1E-RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v450.wad - 4.1, Europe, PAL will re-install your System menu.

    You will need to re-install Priiloader afterwards as it will be removed.
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    That was easier than expected. Thanks, worked perfectly


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