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Thread: Bannerbomb problem

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    Bannerbomb problem


    Yesterday i transfered my channels from my wii memory to my sd card but now all my channels has disapeared. Anyway thats not really what i need help for but it would be nice if someone could explain why the channels have disapeared. Anyway when i go to my memory/channels/sd card bannerbomb or hbc idk starts up automaticly. I dont know why but this will freeze the console so im kinda looking where the boot.dol of bannerbomb/hbc is located on my sd card but im a newb and i cant find it. I would like to remove/rename the bannerbomb file (boot.dol) so i can transfer my channels back to my wii memory. Sorry for the terrible english, shame on me and thx for your time!

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    boot.dol/elf is located at the root of ur SD card but u will also need to rename the private folder(but private flder is also used for regular chs so thats y urs might hav dissapeared cuz u had banner in there) If u clean it out or rename them then it wont start anymore.

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    have you tried putting the sd card in a computer and deleting and renaming that way and not using the wii...

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    You will want to backup that private folder on your pc. All of your channels are now in the private folder with bannerbomb.

    Open up the private folder and list its structure.
    bannerbomb is

    You should be able to just remove the aktn folder. The others should be your channels.
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    Yes i used my pc and tried renaming the boot.elf on the root on the sd card and it still showed up on my wii and boot bannerbomb. Anyway can you guys tell me wich map in private dir is bannerbomb? There are many maps called GBAX/HADP/JODI/NESX ect ect ect. tia!

    Im sorry i see you posted the answer now. Thanks alot!


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