So i have downloaded Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, the Japanese version and im trying to play it.

The one i downloaded is a NTSC-Jap version, And aparently its from Wiiiso from what the readme says

The problem is this:
I can get the game started through Neogamma R7 Rev 14 if i have the language force japanese when i boot it and force video through disk. Green screens for a bit then boots fine. The warning screen is in japanese,, the "would you like a save file" screen is fine. So after thoes 2 and the list of devs in the begining, the intro starts to play. it crashes after 1 second. It freezes, and a screen pops up. It seems to be the "disk could not be read" screen. But when i take the game out, the screen changes to insert tatsunoko vs capcom disk.

So obviously it can be played.

My Wii (sorry, im a noob to softmodding, so i dont know how to properly give out my wii info):
NTSC with sys menu 4.1u
Soft moded through the 3.1-4.1 softmod for any wii guide on this forum. I followed through all the instructions:

The only thing ive installed ios wise after my getting homebrew on is the ios needed to get guitar hero 5 to run from disk.

So can anyone think of anything? Ill change the region of my wii if i need to (im also getting the US version of this game so yeah) if its a simple process.

EDIT (During first post. lolwut?):

Ok so it was just able to be booted through neogamma perfectly fine, but now, its not. Disk Read Error.