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Thread: update 3.2e softmod

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    update 3.2e softmod

    Hi all first post so bare wit me.
    Have a softmod 3.2e wii with backup launcher and usb loader both work fine for games i have backed up but my new backups dont work now thnk has summit to do wit G05 or summit.
    Can i update my softmod as havnt changed any of it since original about 8 mnths ago and know new versions of everything are out there but not sure how to do this safely as kids have a 4.2e version which wont softmod with the guide on here.
    So any help appreciated in updating my 3.2e homebrew, usb loader and backup launcher. And if needbe dont mind uninstalling usb and backup launchers and replacing with different ones.
    Thanks again and thanks to all hard workers finding new ways to free our wii's from those that shall not be named lol.

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    Thanked 16 Times in 13 Posts follow the last part of this guide to update to 4.1

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    It is not necessary to update your system menu version if you are on 3.2, but you can if you are not convinced. I would got to the 3.1-4.1 guide and start at the point of installing a cios, as yours probably need updated anyway. Then you can follow along and do the update if you wish but be sure to install the ios files in the guide. You should be able to start at part 3 step d.

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