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Thread: Help installing Wasabi + Wii-clip v5

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    Help installing Wasabi + Wii-clip v5

    Hello everyone, my name is Mike. I have recently bought a Wasabi + Wii-clip v5 modchip, and I'm about to install it. Unfortunately, my experience with modchips is quite non-existant, so I'd like to have some doubts resolved. Since seems like nobody has had this kind of doubt, I ask for your help:

    On the Wii-clip website it says that if you have a sub-D2C wii, you can avoid the process of soldering the F point to your chip by cutting 4 specific tracks on the wii-clip. How can I cut them?

    Also, it says to bridge the correspondant pins on the chip. Is there any "cheap" solution to the problem? Will just applying tin between the two points be enough? or should I get some wire?

    Thanks for your time, sorry for the noobness.


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    depending on the traces on the board, you can use an exacto knife to scrape them off, you don't need to remove much to actually 'cut' the trace. And as far as bridging goes, it depends on how close together the spots are that you're trying to bridge. If they're close, a little flux and solder works wonders


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