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Thread: taking an update from a game

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    taking an update from a game

    we gave our son the new mario bros game for his b-day and he done the update from the game...does that affect the soft mod that i just done today
    (my system version is 4.1u) and he done the update after i done the soft mod. i followed the step by step instructions tutorial from this site for the 4.1 version i havent tried any games yet to see if it works(trying to download one now)...i dont have high speed internet where im from so the wii isnt connected to internet(has never been connected to internet) and my serial # is lu10645572...i have done some reading but everything isnt crystal clear so any help or advice would be very greatful.....thank you very much for any help

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    it probaly rewrote the IOS that you softmodded and you will prolly have to do it again(softmod)... my suggestions so it does not happen again is to load priiloader with the installation and go into the hacks menu and block disc updates... (thats a best practice)



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