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Thread: Hi from the UK

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    Hi from the UK

    Hello all,

    I have hacked Wii, with 3.4e

    Reaally wanna use it to its potential, but very scared as there are apps for 3.2,3.4,4.0,4.2 etc. and I dont want to break it.

    Neogamma sounds cool, as does using a usb loader ( usb loadergx??) some kinda preloader too.

    Any advice, links to guides fo 3.4, would be appreciated. Any other apps I should have?

    I have read lots of guides, confused now.

    Seriouslly though, step by step please

    Please be gentle, its all new to me, you were all beginners once

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry didnt mean to dupe, IE8 stopped responding after submitting my post


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