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Thread: wiikey 2 and d2c drive

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    Ca wiikey 2 and d2c drive

    so i bought a new d2c drive premodded with a wiikey 2.Now the shop where i bought it says that the premodded drive wont work if my previous drive was a d3-2 or a d3.Whats the difference what my previous drive was? I mean the old chip is not even there anymore.They will exchange it,but should they not overnight this since they only updated their site after i bought it? This was a christmas gift and were only 4 days away.I tried the drive and i does read backups,but sometimes i gotta stick in the disc a couple of times for it to work.ty

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    is not important
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    I have done exactly the same with a black wii and have had no problems..
    A d3-2 to a d2c with a Wiikey II on a clip.
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    hmmmm,funny because the guy i deal with for these things is adamint that if you have previously had a d3-2 drive(which is what i have....blank chip right?) a replacement drive is fine but a replacement drive with a wiikey 2 mod will be buggy...IE:it will not play all the games or you may have to load them more than once to play.So are you saying mikemod that you never get an error with your setup? I'm really curious to know if you never get read errors or system errors.My guy tells me to go with the new drivekey for my setup.He says it will run much better.the only thing that bothers me is that it only spins the drive at 3x where the wiikey has the full 6x for let me know your setup running perfectly or are there the occasional errors?also have you ever gotten right into a game only to have it error on you a hour into your session.Thanks for your were the only one....

    oh ps....what is your region and your firmware version....i am on 4.1 firmware and us region...also 1.3 wiikey firmware...thanks

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    replacement drive with wiikey2 when the original was a d3/d2nothing will work fine with no unusual problems

    just dont know why i am following this guy and cleaning up after him

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    actually hes right modderman.I have talked to sylvester at modcentral and he confirms that there is issues with wiikey 2 and a wii with previous d3-2 nothing drives.As a matter of fact they say so on their site.If you look at there premodded drives and scroll to wiikey two,it will tell you that there is a problem there. Good job scimitars for pointing that out,
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