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Thread: disk read error on original games

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    disk read error on original games

    Hi all, been having a few issues lately with disc read errors, i have a hard and softmod wii, lately my newly burnt discs are hit and miss, but ive started to get the errors on original games, is this the laser or dvd drive??? D2pro chip, 3.4e software with HBC installed.

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    Get a laser cleaning kit, or open her up and try some rubbing alcohol on a qtip and lightly dab the laser.

    That would probably be the most common reason for disc read errors and the quickest and more painless thing to try out first.

    If that doesn't help you then you might have a burnt out laser in which case you might need to remove the dvd drive and replace it. Unless you have some knowledge in removing and replacing those drives it can be pretty finicky.

    Try the cleaning technique first and tell me how it goes.

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    cleaned the laser, stripped the whole thing and cleaned it out, its not all the time, but have also noticed it seems very noisey compared to a few of my friends consoles...
    so is that the dvd drive motor? do i replace motor or whole drive and board????

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    The easiest way I have found in the past is to replace the entire dvd drive unit. However you need to remove the firmware chip within the dvd drive and place it in the new unit otherwise it will not work. I know that Xbox 360's have a security in the dvd drive that makes it so only that dvd drive can work with the console (just an ID within the firmware), and I'm sure that Nintendo would incorperate a similar device in the Wii.

    In the end it just means you need to take a chip out and place it in the new one.

    EDIT: This is not the case. Nintendo did not employ any kind of Signature Keying to the DVD drive.. all you need to do is replace a few rubber grommets and the new drive slides in nice and easy. I wish you luck in your install!!
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    So my exsisting chip is D2B, do i get a drive with the same or a later chip???
    Might just save the pennies and go for a HDD, i have noticed i get less disc errors with the wii in horizontal position but the drive is noisey

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    I couldn't insist more that you go out and get a removable harddrive that the wii supports and get Gx Loader or something else. Loading games through a HDD not only puts less wear on the Wii but it can also reduce loading times on games.

    Unless you really need to load games through a disc (ie: Incompatible games for Gx Loader, there are like 5) I'd suggest reading up on installing Gx Loader and doing that.

    Take a look at that thread, it pretty much contains all you'll need to know to pick up and start doing that. Just make sure you read it all a couple of times before you start and make sure you know where you need to start at. I see you already have a soft modded Wii, so just make sure your cIOSes are installed (DON'T UNINSTALL ANY!!!) and then use homebrew channel to install Gx Loader Channel and go get your HDD, format that, then add your games (I'd install them through the computer and not through your Wii as it is harder on the laser). Now you should be all set to load games off of the HDD and until the HDD fails you'll be gaming like the best of them. Good thing about a failed HDD is it's a lot easier to fix than a broken Wii laser (go down and buy a new one - tee hee!).

    Good luck man!
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