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Thread: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Black Screen Error

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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Black Screen Error

    hey, great news..! this pro modding person installed a new PCB board and now the wasabi dx chip works on my new d3-2 console

    but thers a problem with call of duty modern warfare reflex game. I see the instructions about plugging in the nunchuck, and information about wii zapper, after that its jus a black screen and nothing happens!
    this doesnt happen with any other games i burnt and all the other games work perfectly fine!
    I used Imgburn with Verbatim DVD-R's at 1x for all my games.

    These are the games I tried till now. (All work except Call of Duty)
    Virtua Tennis 2009
    Grand Slam Tennis
    WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010
    NBA 2K10
    Need for Speed Carbon
    Rockstar Table Tennis

    I dont know why this game isnt working, Is there a problem with the call of duty iso?
    Let me Know Thanks

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    hope there is a fix for this as i have the same problem

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    Out of curiosity, which firmware are you running?

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    cod m/w black screen

    Gday l2ounak

    i had the same problem as well , and i think i found the solution .

    Out of habit i always brickblock and use wiiscrubber and wiipatcher to brickblock and remove 001 and 002 protection from discs,as earlier loaders did not have auto protection from them .
    I have been playing c.o.d on usb loader and have had no worries but a mate wanted a copy and when i tried it in gamma r7 i got the blackscreen so i just restored the 001,002 with wiipatcher and it
    loaded first time

    so i hope this helps as i,ve not been able to help any one with a problem yet lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMartel02 View Post
    Out of curiosity, which firmware are you running?
    Since it was a D3-2 Wii, it is likely 4.2.

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    Had same problem with COD REFLEX,i fixed the 001 error,left the 002 error in game and loaded with Gamma R7 (which has integral 002 fix)
    Perfect play
    Hope this helps

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    Ive played it without problems on my PAL wii with 4.2E menu


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