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Thread: Wii We Sing and PS2 Singstar's Microphone

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    Wii We Sing and PS2 Singstar's Microphone

    Hello everyone, Christmas is just around the corner. And i want to take some advantage of that :P

    In Aust they have the We Sing $129. today down to $79 what a bargain ive seen. Because this 2 Mics use USBs port, one of my Port use HDD, has anyone buy the original We Sing use on their SOFTMOD+HardMod wii?

    Another thing i have mention, i have heard afew people had used Singstar Micro on wii and they seem to work? (just a matter of finding the game).

    The singstar mics, used 1 USB but the hub has 2 inputs for microphone? anyone here use these on their wii?

    Here is the attachment for the 2 microphones

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    the ps2 mics dont work as the wii mics have achip in line that is set up diffrent from the ps2.if ur problem is lack of usb port buy a standard pc 4 usb external adaptor as this works with the wii,then u will have 5 usb ports to use.this is what i did.


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