hello all.
i'm new to the wii scene, obviously, and i've spent the past few hours reading
up on softmodding the wii. better to be safe than sorry.

i have recently aquired a wii (unknown version) that has been chipped with a
drivekey. while this is nice, i would like to move to usbhdd loading to better
preserve the rom drive of the wii. i have tested it out and, with the drivekey
installed, have been able to successfully boot my backup of muramasa. this
makes me think it's one of the "older" models of the wii (d2e? or prior.)

one thing that i would like to clear up for myself. while it doesn't have
anything to do with modding and more of just understanding it. since the wii
is already hardmodded and is able to read DVDs, installing a cIOS won't
interfere with it's capabilities? i understand that many people have, both,
a hardmodded and softmodded wii, but why have both? the ability to play DVD
backups without needing a loader?

anyhow, on with the main point.

i'll be following dogegg's "3.1-4.1 softmodding guide", with some exceptions

step 5D, loading neogamma.
since the wii already has a drivekey installed, i believe i won't need this.
i will be installing "configurable usb loader" after following the guide for
usbhdd support.

step 5, loading wads.
he lists these to be installed:
IOS50-64-v4889 (to prevent disc updates)

before going ahead with softmodding, could i and should i replace IOS38, IOS53
and IOS55 with newer versions from "NUS Downloader"?

should i update other things in the package dogegg provides?
for example, rev15 of cIOS38 from Wankikio is out.

or, should i install everything from his pack then, when everything is up and
running without issues, update whatever needs updating. i'm leaning a bit more
towards this way -- may take a little longer but it also insures that any
problems that arise are because i didn't follow a step correctly instead of
because i didn't use the right file.

just making sure that what i plan to do is fine and that i _shouldn't_ encounter
any problems.

if there's anything else i should take a look at, please feel free to throw it