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Thread: Help with Homebrew Install please!!

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    Help with Homebrew Install please!!

    Hi there,

    I am new to this and have read over the 4.2U tutorial many times until I felt confident to do this so I really honestly do need help please.

    Note: I just purchased my wii yesterday, which was used, and it was on 4.2U.

    I installed the package as per 4.2U tutorial instructions which worked just fine.

    1st problem: I was able to install bootmii as boot 2 so I followed carefully and went to do the nand backup but there is no Bootmii showing up at all??????? Sooooo, I couldnt do it.

    2nd problem: Went to install the backup launcher as per instructions but when I went to change IOS to 250, everything freezes and I have to power off my wii......which then has a black screen once I power on again. I just took out the sd card and the unit started up again just fine so I guess I didnt brick it.

    Anyways, just wondering why I cant see bootmii and why everything freezes once I use the wiimote when trying to load backuplauncher.


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    Thanks for all the help everyone, I have been super mario all day!

    If anyone reads this and can give me a heads up it would be most appreciated:

    I have usb loader as a channel but my external hd is it plug and play if I load games onto my western digital external hardrive or will there be another tutorial for this? I am having no problems downloading games and have made about 10 dvdrs already but I am curious to see how the usb loader works.



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