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Thread: USB loader help....

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    Us USB loader help....

    Hello everyone, my wii is on system 4.2U and have already installed HBC and DVDX but have not done bootmii yet. I've been reading the 4.2 full systems hack on here and am still trying to fully understand all the steps before I go ahead and do anything dealing with cios, wad's and what not. I'm looking to get the usb loader up and running so i can play backups with an external HD. I don't have a HD yet but am getting one for x-mas shortly. When I get it, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me through the installation process via Skype. I know that's super noob-ish of me, but I've read the guide over and over again and am just afraid I'll screw it up on my own. The HBC install and dxd seemed pretty straight forward but this usb loader and wad manager stuff seems a little bit advanced for me. So, if any of you wii hack vets out there wanna help me out with that when the time comes, it would be greatly appreciated. So, thanks in advance and happy holidays to all!

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    First of all bootmi is important. Everyone here has to follow the guide and mod their wii on their own. We can help if you get stuck, but will not hold your hand along the way.

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    if you follow the tutorials word for word.

    You cant fail, I doubt anyone is gonna wanna hold your hand on skype to help you do it.

    Either man up and do it, or don't at all!!!!!!!

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    Fair enough. I was just trying to avoid a possible bricked wii. Hopefully all goes well. If not, I know where to come for help.


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