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Thread: Run Wii ISO's Off of a USB Stick?

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    Run Wii ISO's Off of a USB Stick?

    Hey guys, I just followed the tutorial on how to get the homebrew channel and now I have everything I need to be able to play ISOs I think... I was just wondering if someone could direct me to a place where I can learn to play ISOs off of a USB stick? My friend has something called the Disk Channel where he plays all of his games there off of a USB stick...

    Thanks for any help and thank you to DOG EEGS for the tutorial help!

    PS, any recomedation on USB stick sizes?

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    reccommend a usb external HDD as USB sticks will not hold many games,
    You will need wbfs manager to format (any drive,sd,usbstick,
    Wii ISO
    and a USB loader toad load the games from the USB drive on the wii

    Look around the forums lots of info : )



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