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Thread: which mod chip to use for launch day wii

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    which mod chip to use for launch day wii

    had one since launch. I am just learning about modding and I have some questions.

    Which mod chip is compatible with mine, like I said had it since launch.

    I am going to use the wii-chip unless anyone has any better ideas. I cant solder and I know of noone around that can.

    Where is the best place to buy from for the presoldered clips and what is the best mod chip I can get for around $75

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi, if you got your Wii on launch day, then it is going to be a DMS chipset. You actually have quite a few options to choose from. WiiKey would be one of the cheapest and best IMHO, because over time it has worked well for the most part, if the Cyclowiz v.2 was still in production I would recommend that, you can go for high end chips as well such as the D2Pro9 wire, or Wasabi, both of which are substantially higher than that of the WiiKey, but they both can be hooked up via jtag in case of need for future updates, but for now, WiiKey will work, and is easy to install. There are alot of modders on this site, you should ask around and see if one is located in your area. I am located in Massachusetts. Best of luck on finding help with your console. If you are referring to the Wii-Clip, it has a 43% fail rate, so you are better off having your chip soldered in, to save yourself headaches and money in the future.


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