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Thread: Issues playing back-ups

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    Issues playing back-ups

    Hey everyone, I am still pretty new with all the mod scene. I recently (yesterday) finished soft-moding my wii and I have burned a couple of games so far for back-ups. One of them is Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. The issue I am having is that the first couple of times Ive put the disc in and loaded once it got to the starting video of where they show the olympic area the game will freeze. I however just put it in after playing a little bit of CoD - Modern Warfare, which is burned as well and it started right up like nothing is wrong.

    The DVD's that I am using are DVD-R maxell (Only ones I have atm) 4.6gig which I burn with Imgburn at 3x speed. I read somewhere that the Wii laser reads at 3x speed so thats why I selected that speed.

    I have system menu version 3.4u which Im trying to update to 4.1 but for some reason when I try to do that in HBC I sit at the screen where it is trying to connect to the internet. I have it connected with a wii usb adapter. That is really another question in its self. I am trying to figure out how to update my system menu to 4.1 and Ive read a little bit about you have to update to 4.0 first which Ive tried and get the same results.

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    I just found out you do need to use wifi for the updater. As for the burning, it probably is a bad burn.

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    So if I dont have Wifi I cant update my system menu to 4.1? There isnt anyway that I could download the update to my SD card and manually update?


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