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Thread: I THINK I DID IT! (Modded Wii!)

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    I THINK I DID IT! (Modded Wii!)

    OMGOMG Ok, so I think I DID IT! I have ran into a small problem though that I'm sure it's just me and how I'm reading this.

    I followed to the T. I'm at step 5 and am confused. I'm on 4.1 from the new mario brothers update. I know it says 5 is optional but don't I NEED it? Maybe I'm confused as to what Priiloader is?

    The only thing I want my Wii capable of doing is playing games from an external hard drive. Do I need Priiloader to block something or "startpatch4.1"?

    I know I will need the app to load the usb drive, not worried about that currently. Just trying to get my Wii totally ready for that step!

    Thanks for all your help!

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    You really won't need it if you are only gonna use usb loading, but i personally would use it in case sometime in the future either you decide for some reason to use a disk, or if a workaround for a new game requires you to have to use a disk until other means are figured out.

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    Priiloader has some very convenient features like blocking online and disc updates, even allowing you to boot straight to an application bypassing the sysmenu. It's very handy if you ever semi-brick as well. It's recommended by most people on the board and by me, but isn't mandatory to play backups.

    Shadowsonic2 has a full article on Priiloader here:
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    As long as I never manually do a disc or system update, there is no such thing as an automatic update right? It will never just do it without warning? I don't plan on ever going to 4.2 unless some new games come out that require it and then I will do the Priiloader option I guess.

    I just wanted to make sure it wasn't mandatory for USB playback or anything. I had to install boot2 as an ios anyways so I really can't make use of the NAND backup feature unless I read that wrong.

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    It will always ask to update first. So long as you're confident no one else in the house will accidentally take an update when you're not around, and that you'll never accidentally hit the A button on the wrong screen, you'll be fine.

    No game ever requires you to change firmware to be played. Newer games will usually require updated ios files which you can install manually, when you need to. Never let someone convince you that updating to 4.2 is a good idea on your already modded system. 4.2 will kill your homebrew, creating stubs in place of your cIOS files, and cause you quite a few headaches.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    Install Priiloader. There's no reason not to.

    If a new game comes out that requires that you update to 4.2 and you don't have "Skip Disc Update Check" enabled in priiloader, you will have to update to 4.2 in order to play it, and if you do update it (DON'T), kiss your homebrew goodbye.

    Also region free gaming is a plus, it's an option in Priiloader.

    If you would like to use a loader like USB Loader GX, (and I really recommend you do if you use a USB HDD) you can make it autoboot to the loader, instead of autobooting to the Wii System menu.

    And lastly prevention against bricks.

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    Somewhere I read if I had to install boot2 as an IOS I couldn't really use a NAND backup. I made one anyways and have that and the boot2 directory stored on my PC.

    I loaded up the WBFS manager 3.0 on my machine and just did a test with mario galaxy on a flash drive and it worked perfect.

    Can I just go back and install Priiloader right now if I left it on the sd card with a first modded? Anything special I need to do because I skipped it originally?

    Also, why can't I find an actual link to the latest usb loader gx? I used neo just to test it out but want to use GX instead.

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    No nothing special - Just follow step 5 in Dogeggs tutorial. If you didn't install install IOS60-patched.wad in step 4 then make sure you do before installing priloader.

    As for USB Loader Gx Goto
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    This is from gen3sf 's tutorial.

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    You totally rock!


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