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Thread: wbfs 3.0 help extracting iso's to pc

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    wbfs 3.0 help extracting iso's to pc

    whats up. i hope this is the right forum for this topic. i am using wbfs 3.0. its been great for putting wii game isos onto my usb hdd. they all play perfectly.

    now i am trying to extract 1 of them back to my pc's hdd. so i press the 'extract' button on the bottom left, choose a place to save, and it begins.

    but it shows barley any progress being made. it didnt freeze, but nothing is progressing. its been like this for a half-hour now. the bar under 'extraction progress' is mostly grey, with just a sliver of the blue at the beginning. but again.. its not moving at all.

    whats going on here? thanks for any advise.

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    okay i tried it again under windows xp. working great now! i was using vista before. im sure many people have it working just fine under vista, but for me, and for whatever reason, trying it with winXP clearly solved the issue. the games are extracting just fine now! hopefully this will help someone in the future.


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