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Thread: Is a lan-connection ok?

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    Ca Is a lan-connection ok?

    Hey working with this old guide, trying to get down to 3.2, It lists how you need an internet connection for IOS downgrading and all that, I'm wondering If this can also work with a Lan connection or not.

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    Well since a lan connection is still an internet connection as long as there is internet.

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    Some of the hacks do not work with a LAN adapter, if that's what you are inquiring about, but may be fine for online play.

    Example: the Hermes cIOS installer does not work with the LAN adapter, it will only work with a wifi connection.

    And, which firmware are you at now. If you are at 4.0 and up, please don't downgrade your firmware.
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    @ Stomp:
    Yes that is what I was wondering, I'm at 3.3u (can't tell which version) with a wiikey chip. I want to downgrade to 3.2 ( I don't like how post 3.2's auto-connect to the net, just a personal preference) . I've got these two archived guides:

    But I guess they both have 'IOS Downdgrader' and 'cIOS Downgrader' and 'cIOS installer' and 'AnyRegion changer' all of which require a net connection...I suspect they are all for wi-fi then.

    There are so many guides and tutorials i've lost track of everything I've ove the last month but I'm wondering is there an offline downgrade guide I could use? or am I remebering that wrong?

    thanks for any help


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