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Thread: Wii Monkey island, is it out yet?

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    Wii Monkey island, is it out yet?


    So I'm new to the forum and have found it extremely useful it seems a wonderful community. My question is regarding chapter five of the tales of Monkey Island is it available online yet? I looked all over torrent sites and can't find it on wii and unfortunately the intergrated graphics I have at the moment can't run the pc version. Has anyone got it or found it?

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    Sorry buddy but youre gonna have to wait until Q1 2010 for the big final.

    I've played the Pc version, and don't worry, its worth the wait.

    *Squawk* Im Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate TM *Squawk*

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    I have chapters 1-4, just need to find 5 now!


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