So last night my girlfriend told me the Wii had a message from Nintendo about the 500 point refund if you bought the Internet Channel in the past. She clicked start in that message, which I assume opens the Wii store.

It froze with a black screen, so she powered it off and told me.

The Wii powers up fine, plays backup images via SD Card with NeoGammar8b7, and plays most backup DVD-R copies that are known to be working.

#The Issue#
Using my PAL backup DVD-R of Mario Kart, the Wii says to insert a valid disc. If I put in an original disc (Wii Resort in the case of my last test) it loads fine, and when ejected and replaced with the backup, loads and starts the disc! Once in the game, at the character selection screen, it suddenly went black and gave error 1224.

If I try to load the DriveKey software by pressing eject three times at the disc menu, it shows the disc spinning animation but then says insert a valid disc (before it would show a gamecube disc being inserted and then I could load the drivekey menu)

At no point did I or my girlfriend say "install updates" but I get the feeling something was done to the drivekey. Has anybody had something similar happen or if not, how I can restore my original drivekey firmware? I installed the drive key and routed the JTAG out the back so it's available if needed, but I bought it because they said it could be updated by DVD.
Thanks for any comments or help