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Thread: Where did my internet accessability go?

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    Where did my internet accessability go?

    My wii is Hard Modded and Soft Modded with Neogamma R8 beta 12, IOS249 (Rev 14) on one of the channels. I had someone install it because my games were not loading. Anyways before Neogamma was installed I updated my wii to 4.2, with NO PROBLEMS. Games worked great, NHL2K10 could update roster, etc via internet. But after Neogamma and the Homebrew channel was installed, my wii picks up the internet connection, but requests me to update to the Nintendo`s 4.2, which I`ve declined, due to bricking possibilities. The menu already reads 4.2 U. I don`t use a SD CARD for anything, because it was done for me, however I unsure if I`m doing something wrong.
    I`ve checked most of the forums and this problem has not been previously answered. If it has, I apologize.

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    Never mind. I loaded usb loader gx on an sd card and usb hhd and got my access to the internet. Disappointed that no one replied with any suggestions!


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