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Thread: Installing Homebrew

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    Unhappy Installing Homebrew

    Hi all,

    I'm having some trouble installing homebrew on my Wii. The wii system menu version is 4.0U

    The hackmmi installer v0.6 says that there is no known vulnerable IOS installed on this Wii!

    So I used Anytitledeleter to delete IOS30. Now when i try to install using DOP-IOS-MOD I keep getting hash fail during the download of the ticket or something.

    Another thing is that I could use WadManager to install IOS30v1040. So I tried that - downloaded Wadmanager1.5 and IOS30-64-v1040.wad (from rapidshare) - and installed IOS30

    Now when I run hackmii installer it freezes that the scam screen, the 'press 1 to continue' doesn't appear. I tried formatting the SD card.

    Needless to say I'm frustrated!@$#

    Please help!

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    Are you following a guide or just trying random things with the intent of bricking? Use the guide in my signature.

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    The bricking, if any, would be most unintentional believe me

    I'm following the guides... cause I'm sort of stuck on step one of the guides so had to do all this. The homebrew itself is a pain for me.

    1. The homebrew cribs about no IOS being vulnerable.
    2. So I somehow managed to get IOS30v1040
    3. Now the homebrew installer won't go beyond the scam screen :'(

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    Thanks man! I didn't know about the *guides*.

    Anyway still out of the luck... I'm on step B of How to fix "no vulnerable ios" error when installing HBC... and my Wii freezes on mounting SD card section

    Maybe I'll try it later ... been doing this for ~4 hours without any luck!


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