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    Us updates

    I have Softmoded my Wii and everything is working just fine! I'm able to play from my USB drive and all. My question is if I get a new game and play it will it do an update to ruin my work thus far? Will Priiloader stop this, I have it installed but did not activate any of the hacks so far.

    Thanks for this site, this has been fun learning and doing. Wish I had hackmii as boot 2 but my wii does not support that.

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    USBloaders will block updates. Since preloader is installed go ahead and enable the block disc updates. Latest update on a disc is 3.1 right now, but before to long 4.2 will start showing up on discs.

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    Priiloader hacks not present

    I am running priiloader v0.2 (r30) on IOS70 System menu v481; I don't know if it's implied, but I am on system menu version 4.2u.

    When I first hacked following messie's guide back in October, I opted out of the preloader and the IOS70 install. This morning I tried to play Band Hero for the first time and ran into a "SYSTEM UPDATE", so I went back and installed IOS70 and priiloader.

    Everything appears to be fine, but when I go into the priiloader "System Menu Hacks" to bypass any of the system updates and region hacks, it states:

    "Couldn't find any hacks for Sytem Menu version:v481"

    I downloaded from the first pack provided by messie and followed the instructions. Any ideas what I did wrong or need to do to get the system update bypass working?

    Thank you much in advance.

    ::::EDIT:::: I messed up and didn't do my it lazy, I know, but I found the link for the hack.ini. Sorry for the wasted space and anyone's time who stopped and read this.
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    Go here Preloader/hacks - WiiBrew
    Copy and paste the text from your region.
    Create a new text file.
    Paste the text.
    Save as hacks.ini
    Copy the file to root of SD
    Try again.
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