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Thread: Softmod Launcher Query please?

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    Softmod Launcher Query please?

    Thanks for looking in, bit lost and confused so think i am in the right place!

    Ok i have a hard modded wii, and decided to take the plunge and go for the softmod aswell because of recent releases, i have got homebrew onto wii, and i have successfully followed the tutorial(s) for softmodding 4.2E wii, and my wii is still booting fine;

    i then went on to install install ciOScorp 3.5 for DvD loading through Disc channel, this was for convenience to save me launching from two seperate places, after installation of this i tried New Super mario bros in the top disc launcher (orig one) and it didn't pick anything up, i am happy to launch from another channel however in an ideal world i would have liked to have been able to launch any game from the orig launcher as i did with just hardmod on,

    My question is - do i AND CAN I install a permanent disc launcher to play back up games such as New super mario bro's ?
    If so which one please?

    Or do i leave the wii as it is and play them specific games just using neogammer and usb launcher from the sd card when i need to play them?

    New Super Mario Bro's does work in my wii but with two kids i don't like the idea of leaving an sd in the wii i would rather at least have a permanent installation of a launcher / neogammer than having to insert an sd each time the kids wish to play this game or others.
    To add i have softmodded a virgin wii yesterday and everything went fine, i know the iso of New Super Mario Bros works fine!
    Wosrt case scenario i can insert the sd each time to play NSMB but would like to just have a "one off" launcher installed perm if i can't use the original disc channel,
    Any help would be much appreciated, me and kids are waiting in anticipation, thanks for looking in.
    Kind Regards

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    Since this isn't actually a nsmb question, I'll help you out here. What you need is to look for the forwarder of the neogamma version you have. This will install neogamma as a channel on your wii and you can teach them to load all games through there. Also, simply take any dangerous things like Any Title Deleter off your sd card and back them up onto your PC for safe keeping. It won't mater if they get onto homebrew if there's nothing there for them to mess up.

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    Hi junkmailturds
    thanks for getting back, where do i look for this please?
    On this site or is it on the sd card?
    i only have these in the apps folder -

    Dop-IOS MOD

    And in the Neogammer folder is boot.dol, icon.png, and meta.xml.
    What is it i am looking for please?

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    I would remove Hermes, and dopios from your sd card to prevent your kids from messing with them and back them up on your pc. Here's a link to a neo gamma forwarder. This will put a channel onto your main wii menu. (Thanks goes to dogeggs for the link)


    not sure if it's a wad or a dol file. Either way if you are unsure how to install it click the You Should Have Searched link in my signature. It has answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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    Hi Junkmailturds,

    it was a wad file and i have sorted it, it is all singing and dancing, so many thanks to you - you clever person!
    Hardmod and softmod, so kids should be ok for a while playing what they want!

    Is this the only way i can play? with the sd in?

    I have removed Hermes and dopios from sd card and backed them up on pc

    If i launch with out sd it says its searching for sd, i have installed both usb launcher and neogammer for maximum use on games, i am assuming the only way to play back ups through neogammer is to have the sd in upon launching discs?


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    You need to leave it in. Now that there's nothing dangerous on there it's pretty much child proof. No need to worry about it.

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    Hi junkmailturds
    many thanks for your help and support, very much appreciated.
    Best Regards


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