Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm using CFG USB Loader to store all my games on my external HDD, so far I've had no problem transferring around 30 games directly from the DVD onto the HDD and they all work great

However,I have a few files stored on my PC that I had converted from .iso to .wbfs using WBFS_TOOL V2.0, when I transfer these onto my HDD I get an error when trying to launch them.

The error is....

wbfs error: the num sector doesn't match.

I've had a Google and I've found a few people with the same error but they all seem to have fixed the problem by deleting and reinstalling the games, but this hasn't worked for me.

EVERY game that I convert to .wbfs then transfer manually fails to boot and gives me the same error.

I'm running CFG USB Loader V50 - FAT32, none of my .wbfs files are larger than 4Gb.

Any help please?