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Thread: New black WII

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    Cool New black WII

    Hi Guys,
    I'm totally new to WII. I just bought a black one with sport resorts software pack and the software version 4.1E. I heard so, that this one (new black ones) are not able to be softmoded. Can you tell me is there any solution for maybe play ISO-s or else, and where can I find a tutorials if it so. Many thanks for your help, great site.

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    Your Wii has a D3-2 motherboard chip which prevents the drive from reading or otherwise accessing media on a backup or "unofficial" disc. To play backups you'll need to load from usb media. Follow the 4.1 tutorial linked in my signature below, read through first, and have a look at the 3rd link for information on usb loading.

    And since you're new here are The Rules at Wiihacks. Enjoy your stay.
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    Thanks a lot mate, a do appreciate!

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    i did my black wii last night it doesnt load games by disc but fine with hard drive

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    i know what to do, just do your wii again, good this time if its pleased it will load discs.. lol

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    Thumbs up

    Big thanks for you guys it looks ok. For saving the NAND i needed a Gamecube controller to be able to move the cursor. Happy Xmas for everyone.


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