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    Backup Games

    Sorry if I am I bit thick but this is all new to me.

    I have installed a Wasabi DX and got it working, running downloaded iso games.

    What I am wanting to know is how do I copy/backup and original games that I have, as my kids have leave them kicking about and the get scratched, so I keep a copy?

    I assume I need some software


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    The only way of backup up your own discs is to dump them in one of three ways. 1) dump the game to your PC using a specific DVD Drive [and LG i believe]. 2) Dump from your Wii to PC using WiFI [slowest possible way] or 3) get yourself a USB HDD and use a USB Loader on your Wii to dump the game onto the attached USB HDD.

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    Unless you wish to buy one of 4 now extinct DVD drives to rip the discs using your PC then you'll havr to softmod.

    If you softmod you can go USB loading, effectively loading all your games from USB and doing away with discs altogether and all for the price of a small USB HDD.
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    Few things...
    -DVD drive, readable/writable.
    -Game Disc
    -ImgBurn, download it here, The Official ImgBurn Website
    -WBFS Manager (optional - If you plan to play games off an external hard-drive)

    Insert the game disc in the DVD drive.
    Run ImgBurn
    And select Create file from disc, or something like that.
    Burn off the ISO file as desired.

    Hope I helped...


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