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Thread: WBFS Hard Drive Problem

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    WBFS Hard Drive Problem

    Two months ago, I had someone soft mod my wii. They modded it to 3.X not sure which one and installed usbloader to load off a hard drive. He also put a bunch of games on a WD hard drive. Now I had someone upgrade it to 4.2 and now it uses usb loader gx. I start up the program and it says it cannot read the hard drive because it is not formatted in WBFS. It gives me the option to format but I don,t want to lose the games on the hard drive. Is there a program I can use ( I tried WFBS Manager but it cannot find any games ) I also tried to explore the drive on my computer and it only gives me the option to format ? What program should I use to save the games on my computer and then reformat the hard drive ???

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    Maybe you already let the program format it for you, and you lost your games.

    Just reformat it with WBFS manager.
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    Seems like something went wonky with your drive. You can try Intelligent WBFS to see if the games still reside on the drive. If neither of those programs can find games, then I'm sorry to say but your at a loss. Just use WBFS manager as stated by Sephi, and start all over again.

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    You can not explore a wbfs drive thru windows explorer. Just so you know : )


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