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Thread: My burner crapped out on me

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    Arrow My burner crapped out on me, suggestions requested =)

    It was a Optiarc AD-7170A as seen by windows. I purchased it about 3 years ago.

    So anyway, time for a new one! What do you recommend? It will be exclusively burning game backups with the occasional mp3 compilation for the car. Are there certain drives that burn better at higher speeds, or burn DL disks better than others?

    Here's my 3 choices as far as price goes:
    Newegg burners
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    Wow, no one has an opinion. Color me suprised. Am I still on the internet?

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    lg , pioneer, plexor.......

    Lg burners seem to work really well on wii games

    and they are around $35 each....

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    I ordered the LG, $24 with free shipping =)

    Circuit city, best buy, office max, and office depot all wanted $60 for a no-name brand burner. Where do they get off?

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    They will make money any way they can, mod, I agree, LG are the best IMHO.


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