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Thread: 3.3U + Wiikey 1 + 1.9s on newer backups?

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    3.3U + Wiikey 1 + 1.9s on newer backups?

    I know it's not recommend to upgrade to the latest firmware 4.2, but it seems to me a lot of newer backup (Indiana jones2, nsmb...) required the firmware update from my current 3.3U. Does that mean if I don't update my firmware, I can't play those newer games? or there is other work around?

    I don't have the software mod since I don't do the homebrew, and the chipmod serves my kiddo nicely...

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    I would like to know this too. The info I find seems contradictory.I guess i'm too much a noob. In the intro to this section of the forum it states that hardware modchips have never been compromised, then I read inside the subforum about 4.2 bricking wiikeys.

    WIth just the wiikey 1, 1.9config, and 3.3U, are we safe to do disk updates?
    Just bought the motionplus controllers and I think I have to update for sports resort....

    thanks for any help

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    It is absolutly fine to do DISC UPDATES. Make sure that the file is a total of 4gb or more when it is compressed in .rar format. Not when you extract it, when its still in the compressed mode. Make sure the disc is in your region and do the disc update. Never do an online update no matter what you hear.
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