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Thread: loader blackscreen when starting

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    loader blackscreen when starting

    I have a 4.0U soft modded using Dogeggs guide and followed all the steps except updating forgot to and I got the Loader (usb loader GX 151209) under the Optional from the guide too and made a channel for it. But everytime when I shut down my Wii for a long time and then start it back up, load from GX channel I get the black screen is there any fix to it? or is it just compatibility issue with the HDD (MY HDD) I partitioned the drive to 500 for Wii

    I can play just fine and switch to different games its just I have to keep reinstalling the loader to get it to work

    I searched through the site but couldn't find one (or am I just a noob in searching too)

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    K I think I got it now from one of the post on the site

    USB take a long time to read...something about electrical surge

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