ok I hope someone could please help me through this. I have a hard mod wii with the orig wiikey. I was running 4.1u through gecko to get the new super mario to work. It was working good them I put in another disc of supermario that updated my system to 4.1e now I am semi-bricked. I have NO internet on the wii. All the standard semi-brick fixes have not worked. I know I am at 4.1e because hackmii was able to display it. I have no idea what ios/s I have on my machine. I try to load some wad files to try and repair this semi-brick but they error out. Codes 1026, 2011 and 1017. I read these are iso errors. How do I sort all of this out.

I have spent hours in the tutorial section and this is what I got so far.
I feel like wiping it all clean and starting over if that where possible.

Please any advice would be great.