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Thread: Modding black Wii

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    Modding black Wii

    I am just new one this.

    I wanted to mod my Wii I bought.

    I was going to give my child Wii and bought black Wii limited edition. Should I bring it back and try to get the white one?

    If I keep the black, can somone advice me what is the best dummy advice list I should follow?
    Do I buy special program for it and so on.

    All advice would be thankful.

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    A black wii is a definite sign you won't have disk backup playability. If it is a new wii, there is a good chance it won't matter what color it is. WE have softmod guides here and you can still play backups with sd/ usb devices.

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    And whatever you do, NEVER pay for any guide or software for hacking your Wii. All the info you need is on this site, and it's FREE.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    can confirm it. I bought a black wii today (limited edition)
    Its serial starts with LEF503XXXX

    I follow the guide exactly and everything went ok. I got the neogamma, R8, beta 7 on it, but it still will not play a dvdr (verbatim -R)
    This game is working on a older softmodded wii. So i am sure the backup dvd should work.
    But it's not working in my black edition Wii.

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    Black Wiis have the D3-2 Drive. This drive prevents DVDR backups from being read, your only option is to use USB Loaders which allows you to load Games from an external hard drive. USB Loading has several advantages over DVDR loading:

    -DVDR Loading only goes at half the speed of the original wii games while this is fixed when using USB Loading.

    -Space is used more efficiently as all the junk is stripped of the game before it is installed to the hard drive. This way, more games can fit in less space. This tutorial shows you how to prepare your hdd, install games onto it and then play them on the wii:

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    black editions all have a d3-2 drive so no disk wil play in the drive exept an original nintendo disk, mine came with 4.1E menu and the dogeggs-guide worked like a charm.

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    Ok thanks,

    I will buy an external USB harddisk than. How does that work?
    Can i put a wii iso on it?
    does it read ISO files directly?

    update: nevermind didn't see your link:
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    Don't forget to check te usbdisk type before buying check here for compatible disks

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    Quote Originally Posted by x3n0 View Post
    Don't forget to check te usbdisk type before buying check here for compatible disks

    Thank!, I totally forgot to look.

    I ordered this one: Iomega Prestige 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive
    Seem to work with homebrew and "usb loader"
    Is that the same usb loader which neogamma r8 b7 uses?


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