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Thread: Right sequence for my moddings

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    Right sequence for my moddings

    Hello everyone,
    i bought a brand new wii with 3.4u fimware.
    I'd like to do the following things on it, but I
    don't know the correct sequence for doing them:
    -Install HBC with Neogamma to play backup games,
    -Change the region of my wii to europe/italy, to play
    pal games and have menus in italian (do I need
    to downgrade the wii to 3.2?).
    -Eventually, update the wii to a newer firmware, if this
    brings some major benefits.
    Thank you very much for your suggestions,

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    Use the search button or look in the index, its that simple. Here's your answer:

    Also no need to change the region of your wii to play out of region games. Neogamma has a force region option. This allows you to play out of region games without changing your wii's region

    There shouldn't have been a need for this thread. Thread locked.


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