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Thread: Need help with HBC

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    Question Need help with HBC

    Hi im new to this site only ever browsed it in passing but really need help. my 5 year old son done a system update thinking he was helping me lol. i was wondering if anybody knows how to get my backups to play through the normal game chanel??? also i might sound a bit dumb but why cant i get my backup of the new mario game to work??? thank you in advance for the help

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    Did it upgrade to 4.2? There is a guide that will softmod your wii, but you will need to install Cioscorp to get disks to play from the disk channel. Most of us do not use Cioscorp and would be unable to assist you if you choose to use it. You can use neogamma that is installed in the tutorial to launch disks just fine.

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    Yea, installing Cioscorp is a relatively big job and makes a lot of changes to various IOS's, therefore more room for errors and bricked Wiis. I guess it would be great to just launch backups the same way as normal games (for kids, etc), so it's your call:

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