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Thread: Always need SD card in for anything to work :(

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    Always need SD card in for anything to work :(

    Ive tried many things but cannot anything to load from the Wii itself, only when an SD card is in.

    I take the SD card out and i get errors. Ive tried loading everything onto the Wii but i guess im doing it wrong

    any help? thx

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    You cannot load a backup from a loader channel like neogamma without the sd card?

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    need to install the wad with wad manager for the full channel without sd card

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    Hi is it the same think for usb loader...when i try to start a game without my sd in my wii it dosent work......

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    Do you have them installed as actual channels on your system menu? Or are you just running them from HBC? If you are, like stated above, you need to install these programs through WadManager.

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    no it's install as a chenel i don't start from HBC?

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    if you are using loader gx as a forwarder yes you will need the SD card in. If you install say loader gx r815 as a channel (wad) it will run without the card but you will not be able to save the config options.

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    so its not that big of a deal then? I guess its good to keep it in there to save my saves from all the emulators installed.

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    There's no downside, if that's what you're asking. The only thing you would need to worry about leaving the sd card in, hypothetically, is someone using a homebrew app like AnyTitleDeleter on your Wii when you're not around. If you have others around who might tend to "wander" then consider taking the card out when not in use. Otherwise it's fine to leave in 24/7.
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    hi! Do i have to keep the apps and wan folder on my SD


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