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Thread: Just sofmodded and backup games not working

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    Just sofmodded and backup games not working


    I just softmodded using the 3.1-4.1 guide. I have a Eur Wii.

    i downloaded New Super mario bros and Wii Resorts and both will not play when burnt using verbatim dvds.

    I then uninstalled neogamma r8 b7 and installed a compiled wad of neogamma r8 b15.

    The wii disk channel shows the game but when i use neogamma to load the backup game, the wii simply returns back to the main wii screen\menu.

    any ideas?


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    Have you by any chance read the MANY threads that deal with both those games? Resort needs to have the movie file pulled from the game, placed on your sd card, then run neogamma with alt dol turned on for the first time. Need to watch the motionplus movie and then turn alt dol off and play the game normally. NSMB if ran through disc you must have the correct patched iso for your method or else it wont work. Also youll need the correct ios53 wad that game needs to run. That wad you can find on this site.
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