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Thread: priloader systm hacks problem

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    priloader systm hacks problem

    hi again guys, i have installed the preloader, reset my wii got to the priloader menu ok but when i click on the hacks option i get a blank white screen or about 2 seconds then puts me back to the main menu, can anyone help?
    i had missed the hacks ini ile o the sd card now it says cant ind hacks or system menue v482 please help : )
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    you have to make sure that the hacks.ini file is for the system menu that you are running. Do a google search for the preloader wiki it has hacks.ini examples there for various system menus.

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    Smile hey

    Alot of people are having trouble with there hacks.ini file. It could be your SD card. Priiloiader doesn't seem to like SDHC cards. It's a bit hit and miss. I tried 3 cards before it would work. It finallyworked on a sandick 1gb.
    Also make sure you've got the right hacks file on the root of your SD card. Open it up and look for the version=000. For 4.2U it should be 481 and 4.2E it should be 482

    Hope this helps

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    Thanx allot guys, have sorted it thanx to you both, it was indeed the wrong hacks.ini file for my version 4.2, i actualy used a 512mb micro sd card with a micro sd card adapter to do the whole mod : ) thanx again .


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