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Thread: I want to upgrade but can't

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    Unhappy I want to upgrade but can't

    I have the 3.4u version in my wii with softmod, and I don't know what cIos

    The problem is that I don't know if I can use this guide as if my wii were virgin, or I have to uninstall or format something, I'd really appreciate your help.

    Also, i've heard that I can format my wii, removing all hacks, losing all danger of brick or anything else, I'm really bad at this.

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    But it doesn't conflict with previous hacks?

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    yes\no if it does you should reinstall with this guide with this guide can even play vc games off an sd card make sure you read BEFORE doing anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinosaur Rex View Post
    But it doesn't conflict with previous hacks?
    That link should help you with the update you want , Just follow it to the tee and everything should run fine!!


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