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Thread: Tealc please read!

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    Exclamation Tealc please read!

    Hello tealc. I just wanted to ask you why you close threads?? With all my respect, my last thread, I asked if it was safe to update the nintendo channel and the Internet channel, u simply just closed the thread after getting an answer, I wanted to know what would happen if I updated and I wanted to talk to whoever replied, and I wanted to find out how I can update safely, I know you are a moderator and stuff, but please give us a chance to talk and debate before closing down my threads, after all that's why forums are made


    ok, back to why I was here, SHOULD I UPDATE THE CHANNELS OR NOT?!? what would happen if I did??

    Thx again
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    Let's see, we've got This Thread from you asking about updates giving you a direct link to a discussion which answered your question. The next day you made This Thread asking it again. Then This One, AND AGAIN?

    And you wonder why your threads are getting closed? You're lucky so far no one's thrown you in the reading room.
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    It's safe to update those channels. Now /thread please.

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    Updating your channels the official way, will more than likely hit you with the 4.2 update and remove your homebrew. Tealc was being smart and told you no. If you read some important posts, you would know that once you've been answered the thread will be locked.

    If you want to know which thread:

    And most of your answers are in the index:

    Reading gets you most of your answers. As you see it says, if you get your answer, do not make another thread..This is your warning. As Ithian said you have been lucky..

    Now this time, I get the chance to use this:

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