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Thread: Can a WII use external USB DVD drive?

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    Can a WII use external USB DVD drive?

    First off, thanks to all for answers to my previous question...however that caused me to think of another question...

    I am thinking about a compromising solution to buying a limited edition black wii (with a non dvdr capable D3-2 drive)...but if I were to buy such a wii could I use an external USB to load backup games and/or even use MPlayerCE to play movies DVDs/AVIs/MKVs from dvdr discs?I do own some old Chieftec USB to PATA controller with its own external power supply to which I'd hook up a DVD reader, could this work, and is there a way to be certain (i.e. what would the controler had to be equiped with - some USBLoader softmod applied to WII first - ofcourse, but anything else)...TIA

    THIS IS KIND OF A DOUBLE POST! I tried changing my previous "Are there any D3-2 white WIIs?" double post, not to waste space, but it seems you can't edit titles (so after half a day of waiting I doubled the double with this one - again - sry )

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    you can and alot of ppl do use an external harddrive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    you can and alot of ppl do use an external harddrive.
    hard drive or dvd drive? it would seem a really easy solution if you could plug an external dvd drive in but i thought computer dvd drive and therefore external dvd drives could not read origional wii game disks so an external dvd wont work right??? or will it with back-up games???

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    check this out
    you need an external hard drive not dvd drive

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    Sorry...I realize using HDD with a black Wii is an option...but I am asking about the possibility of using a USB DVD?

    dvdr backups are already owned...if the black Wii could use an USB DVD...that way dvdr could also be used on it too.

    p.s. I think I figured it our about which Wii has a d3-2 drive...ones sold with sports resort pack and motion plus do...if external USB DVDs will not work I'll look around for the 'old' white sports pack without motion plus packs. TIA

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    If you end up with a Wii of any color with the D3-2 chip, the workarounds include: external USB HDD, WODE (see this site's Homepage), and replacing the Wii Drive's motherboard (thereby replacing the D3-2 chipset). An external DVD drive will not work.

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