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Thread: Wii hacked successfully, now what about wiiconnect24?

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    Wii hacked successfully, now what about wiiconnect24?

    I hacked my Wii and so far everything is in good working order. Im not sure but I think I read somewhere to never turn on wiiconnect24 once your wii is hacked or you will brick. Is this true? If it is, is there any way to get some of the wii channels to work like wiishop or the forecast channel(i like checking the weather on the wii). It told me for the forecast channel I needed wiiconnect24 to be on. Is there a work around for this? Total newb here so thanks for the detailed help.

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    I have WiiConnect24 on without and problems, I use wiishop etc. Refer to this topic for an offical responce to your question.

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    wiiconnect 24 will not brick you but it will ask about updating all the time unless you are currently running 4.2 sysmenu. It will also ask about many other updates that the big N decides to put out. You can leave it off and still play online if you want it just has to initialize the connection as opposed to being connected all the time.

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    Some games require that WiiConnect24 be ON in order to play them. I would leave it OFF at all times to keep from getting or having someone stupidly update your system and losing all your hard homebrew work. Playing online is not worth losing all that work.


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