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Thread: Update 4.1 without internet

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    Update 4.1 without internet

    I've been following this tutorial on softmodding

    Getting stuck at the firmware updater 4.1 step, since I don't have an wireless internet connection (and the available ones in my street are password protected )

    Is there any way to finish this step without it, I'm coming from a "3.1E" version.


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    If you're able to you could update from the new super mario disc. This would also give you all the latest ios's.

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    So I'd need the original game and then just run it, can't do it with a downloaded one, correct ?

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    seeing as how you're just starting out, I would just rent it. If you really want to go download route, you can find a link on how to get it to work in the You Failed to Search link in my signature. Renting it would be a lot easier for you.

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    4.1 update

    are there any other games with 4.1
    i am using drive key and have hbc loaded
    nand is backed up.when doing the 4.1 update off a disc will it brick me.
    no internet connection.have call of duty warfare backup disc. it ask to update. is it 4.1 and ok to use?

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    As long as it's the same region as your wii you'll be fine. (You posted in an old thread. You should've started your own.)


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