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Thread: Noobie Wii owner needs help badly

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    Noobie Wii owner needs help badly

    Hi so my parents recently purchased a modded wii in HK. I have very little knowledge in the limitations of what i can do with my wii. And now i m stuck with a problem and i hope someone can gimme some pointers on how to fix it.

    Basic info about my console: its a JAP version at firmware v3.1j iirc. I have no idea what modship the shop used because i wasnt there to personally oversee the mod.

    Steps leading to the problem:

    1.Burnt Mario Party 8 ISO USA on to a dvd, went to play with it. It required me to update the console as far as i can tell, and i did. (i didnt know anything about another region's disc and the possibility of it bricking it).

    2.The game played fine luckily and i had fun with it for a little while.

    3. Then i burnt Mario Kart USA and put it in the wii. It required to update the firmware again, i got a little scared so i resetted the thing and ejected the thing before i confirmed the update.

    4. I reburnt mario kart USA AFTER using the wii brick blocker (pre R2). I put it in the console, and then it errors. It gives the message to eject the disc, reset and try again etc etc.

    5. Problem is, the machine wont eject the disc. I tried every possible imagination of button combinations to try and eject it. Until finally, after a final desperation of button mashing, the disc somehow came out.

    6. I then played it safe and decided to put Mario Party 8 in because it worked prior.

    7. The machine errored again, and the disc is stuck again.

    I have no idea whats going on, i m assuming the update by Mario Party 8 USA or possibly the attempted-update by Mario Kart USA screwd up the firm ware.

    Can someone please give me a way to unbrick it and any pointers on getting the disc out?

    Thanks a lot, appreciate it.

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    Update: I found out the mod chip or version of wii the store used was "D2C" if that means anything :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blaze View Post
    Update: I found out the mod chip or version of wii the store used was "D2C" if that means anything :S
    really dumb question.... but did you unplug the power to the wii and then plug the power (power reboot) and press the eject button a bunch of times...should work...

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    tried it and like i said, after a few desperate attempt of button mashing, the disc came out. But again, when i inserted the disc that originally worked, the console errored again and the disc is stuck again.

    To summarize, i think either the update done by Mario Party 8 USA or the attempted update by Mario Kart USA clashes with my japanese firmware.

    The weird thing is: I updated with Mario Party 8 and it played fine. HOWEVER, for Mario Kart, i didnt even start the update process. I reburnt a new Mario Kart using brick blocker and THEN it crashed. The crash occured when it was reading the disc, i did not even make it to "press OK to update" screen.

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    you can get uneven reads from some DVD discs.

    try re-burning both discs on Verbatim DVD-R's

    I was getting that error - reboot message at random when i was using TDK DVD+R's

    just a thought


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    thanks but i dont think thats the problem.

    if the read was uneven, the console should still be able to function properly. But the fact is that the machine right now is semi bricked because 1) the disc is stuck in there and the eject function is not responding and 2) the more serious problem, i suspect the firmware to have crashed or something.

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    ignore post
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    Way off base there Austin.....

    You can update any game as long as it's the same region as your wii....

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    yea i understand but:

    i updated Marion party 8 USA on my JAP wii, it worked fine.

    Mario Kart asked me to update again, i didnt.

    I reburtn Mario Kart after patching with Brick Blocker, then it errors my Wii.

    anyone know wahts going on?

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    You need to accept the update in order to play Mario Kart Wii, if you are not playing online, then burn it with the update and accept it, it will work.

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