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Thread: Can you soft mod without HBC?

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    Arrow Can you soft mod without HBC?

    My Wii info:
    wiikey hard-moded but no soft mod yet. I'm at 3.3 and I want to downgrade to 3.2. Post 3.2 IOS's have this auto-internet-connect that I don't want. Just my personal preference. All the new guides say to update but I want to work around that so I'm working with some archived tutorials.*

    I'm wondering what can be done without using HBC. Instead I just want to repeatedly use the Twilight Hack to boot Wad manager and load programs that way. Just my personal preference (long story).
    I wonder because the first thing many guides asks you to do in HBC is to load Wad manager to boot things. So when the guide says for example:
    "+Load IOS Downgrader in Homebrew Channel"
    Is that something I could also do with the Twilight hack and 'wad manager'?
    Or are these programs made only for HBC?

    My question:

    With the programs listed below I'm wondering: a) which programs are designed to exist inside HBC and require HBC and b) which programs can be installed as their own channel, or loaded and run with just WadManager.

    Here's the programs I'm wondering that about + what I'm trying to do:

    Load Bootmii and backup my NAND before I do anything else,
    install cios/IOS's I need for a safe downgrade useing;
    Custom WM
    IOS Downgrader
    cIOS Downgrader
    cIOS Installer

    use AnyregionChanger to downgrade,
    install Starfall to block updates ,
    install gamma loader,
    install updated cios/IOS's for all the recent games and shop channel.

    Sorry if this is all ready covered and I missed in my reading.
    I just need to know what's even possible as I'm doing my home work.

    Thanks for your time.

    *guides I'm trying to figure this out for :

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    it looks like you have a good understanding of softmods... what i would do is upgrade not downgrade to 4.1 and use dogeggs tutorial (link in my sig)... that is what i have and everything works great....


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