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Thread: urgent assistance needed wiikey mod

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    Please urgent assistance needed wiikey mod

    Hi just installed a wiikey in my wii,
    (1)how do i know it is working
    (2) Does it need flashing first like the xbox did?
    (3)i used unbranded ritek disc's DVD-r are these OK
    the reason why i am asking these questions is that i have downloaded traumacentre onto a ritek disc also the wiik1.9 firmware and the config 1.9 isos also to same disc's and the wii cannot recognise them, that is why i asked if there was any visual thing i should look for when booting up to prove if the chip is working.
    Please Help before wife kills me for wasting money on mod.
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    Wow thanks for the response folks.

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    one you dont have to be rude when asking the questions.

    two, try dvd -r verbatium

    three how are you buring the dvds? are you creating a data dvd ccoz that what it sounds like to me

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