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Thread: Is the Nintendo Zii the New HD Wii?

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    Lightbulb Is the Nintendo Zii the New HD Wii?

    he internet is all agog today over the news that Nintendo recently filed a trademark for the name ‘Zii’. According to website SiliconEra, the information was not made public until yesterday, when it was published in the Japanese trademark database. This has led to much speculation from other industry websites in the know, including T3, Tech Watch and Tech Digest, that maybe, just maybe, Zii has been trademarked because it’s going to be the name of Nintendo’s next console, the much-mooted HD/Blu-ray, all singing, all dancing version of the Wii. With even Nintendo admitting recently that Wii sales appear to have hit a bit of a wall, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they’re already well on the way to releasing their next console. Sure, NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime may have categorically stated that an HD Wii (or Zii?!) is not happening any time soon, but that doesn’t stop us speculating, does it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSonic2 View Post

    Well according to what i read, it should be N's attempt to stop a roduct called Zii Egg, which was going to be launched by a company and wold be a mobile-iphone or sth

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