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Thread: Wii Newb says Hello!!

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    Wii Newb says Hello!!

    Hey All, I just picked up a Wii in early December. And like anything, I have a hard time leaving it "stock". So I did some Google browsing on Modding the Wii, watched some YouTube videos, and read some stuff on this forum. Then decided to join.

    I'm hoping I can get all the information I need from the site so that I can successfully mod my Wii without Bricking it.

    Thanks in advance!

    Mopar McNeer
    ********** Wii Newb **********
    Version 4.2U Serial LU66

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    Welcome to WiiHacks,

    Take the time to read the RULES! of the site, you don't wanna be sent to the Reading Room, or worse, Banned because you broke a rule of the site.


    Got a mod-chip? Thinking about a mod-chip? Then go HERE! for many of the answers you're looking for. Just know that you can just as effectively mod a system without a mod-chip.

    Please take a look at this link for any answers to most of your questions/problems New Member Introductions [thanks ShadowSonic]

    Got a Bricked or Semi Bricked Wii? Then look no farther than THIS! thread for the possible solution.

    BUT!!! Before asking a question please visit THIS!and THIS! thread..... [thanks FAVS & trekster]

    If your on the 3.1 - 4.1 System Menu then you may want to start HERE! [thanks Dogeggs]

    If your on the 4.2 System Menu, then THIS! is where you want to be. [Please note, DO NOT update to 4.2 if you arn't already] [thanks messie]

    Getting an error while trying to do something? The Answer is HERE! [thanks messie]

    Wanna know what all this cIOS/IOS talk is all about....Then check THIS! thread out. [thanks Cressida]

    Also take note that Nintendo has been putting some new drivechips in their systems that will disable playback of ANY burnt discs. To see if your Wii is one that has this new D3-2 chip refer toTHIS!page and cross reference your serial number. Please note that USB Loading is still functional even if you have this chip.

    Want to find out a bit about USB loading, try THIS!link out [thanks gen3sf]

    Any other questions/answers that were not covered, then please ask them HERE! [thanks ModderMan for the awesome site]

    Please read, reAD, READ till your eyes bleed. Go over everything until your sure you can attempt these mods. You don't want a bricked Wii because of a step you might have missed.

    Have Fun! and Good Luck!!!!


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    I pretty much did the same thing -- and just joined, too.

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    Thanks for the info s0ur, I've been reading stuff on here for hours now....and you've given me a whole list of new stuff to look at now.

    I'm pretty sure I did a Wii Update when I first got my Console, so I'll be I've updated to 4.2, but I'll have to verify.

    Thanks for all your help thus far.
    ********** Wii Newb **********
    Version 4.2U Serial LU66

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    I wish i new of these youtube videos when i did welcome i am newley registered around here aswell.


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